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The Metal Masters is paramount to elegantly designed metal roofing for commercial and residential buildings in Ohio. At Master Metals, we’re committed to providing top-notch craftsmanship using durable material that stands strong across all seasons to protect your home valuables and business assets. Our extensive experience in the industry, reliable metal sourcing from top manufacturers, and specialization in roof construction (building and insulating), complementing Ohio’s chilly weather, make us one of the most testified roofers in the central region of the state. From the initial consultation to choosing materials, our experts keep communication uninterrupted from day one. Our remarkable reputation in the industry and reliable connection with metal suppliers and insurance companies help us source premium quality material at the most reasonable prices.

Client Reviews


Master Metals is dedicated to serving homeowners, property managers, and businesses across Ohio State. Here’s the feedback from clients we served with top-notch metal roof installation and repairs.

“Phenomenal roof installation. Master Metals’ team is exceptional when it comes to material knowledge and installing a new roof. From scratch to finish, they were amazing throughout the job.”

Daniel Wiegand Product Designer

“The quickest roof leak repair I have had in Ohio. They answered my urgency in the most professional manner as they arrived, inspected, and repaired the leaks on the same day.”

Martha Pollard Product Designer

“Metal Masters’ team was extremely hardworking and courteous. They provided a quick re-roofing service at a reasonable price.”

Harry Brewer Product Designer

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